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 Short stories written during 2018

December 2018

- Christmas letter 2018 (Dec)
- Nobel Prize 2018 (Dec)

- Hundred years of Democracy in Sweden. Part 1 (Dec)

November 2018

- American midterm election from a Swedish perspective (Nov)
- American and Swedish rustbelt (Nov)

October 2018

- Factfulness. Test for the third time, and an added overview. (Oct)

- A Swedish perspective on the US midterm election (Oct)

- Population changes in Sweden 2007 - 2017. (Oct)

September 2018

- Preserving a cultural heritage. (Sept)

- Factfulness test for the second time (Sept)

August 2018

- Immigrants from Sweden (Aug)
Sweden in World Value Survey (Febr) and Gapminder Worldmap 2017 (Aug)

July 2018

- More about American relatives with their roots in Sweden (July)

June 2018
- Is Midsummer Eve the Swedish National day? (June)

- Swedish relatives with American roots on Nerike Hill in Wisconsin. (June)

- The whole Christina book translated to English. Here is the last chapter 10. (June)
May 2018

- Six generations through the middle mass. (May)

- Live the rest of your life in the spirit of Hans Rosling. (May)

- Travel to Sweden in the summer of 2018. (May)
April 2018
Sweden news in English. (Apr)

- Thoughts prior to the national election 2018 and beyond (Apr)
Mars 2018

Three way meet in the Old Town. (Mar)
- Swedish dog and American gun. (Mar)

February 2018
-Sweden in World Value Survey (Febr)

January 2018
- Introduction to the book "My sister Christina". (Jan)

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