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Welcome to the Helling family

The new structure of our homepage

Notice that we have a new structure of our homepage from 2019. Even the main headlines have somewhat been changed.
Under SHORT STORY: You will find Jans book Christina, List of his stories from 2018, 20192020, Factfulness, US Midterm Election, and the Climate crises.
Under SWEDISH NEWS: World Value Survey, Agenda 2030 and Swedish National Election, Democracy in Sweden and the Nobel Prize, and with the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2018/2019 also added.
From 2020 Short Story: Why do we call it JUL in Sweden?

Dont miss to look into FAMILY HISTORY. On the first page you will find a link to: Roots in Narke Presentation. It is a PowerPoint presentation with much information about your personal roots in the province of Narke in Sweden and about your family emigration. When this large file is open dont miss to tap on the right arrow on your keyboard right arrow to open the next page.


The Helling family diary on Family History

It has got a new place at FAMILY HISTORY. But here is a link:

- Months with the Helling family.
- Our Christmas letter 2019.

New Short Stories from 2019 and 2020

Unfortunatly Jan broke his right forearm on May 12 and it was put in plaster. He had problems to write new short stories during the summer of 2019. From end of October his hand had recoverd. He could however start writing again at the end of this month. Here you can read: Freedom has made ut more happyWhy do we call it JUL in Sweden?

Relatives can borrow our guesthouse for free.

As before you can without any costs borrow our guesthouse Nackehultet for free for relatives and near friends. Just let us now with an e-mail message. To help your planning we have added a Calendar for 2020 in wish your can see when our cabin happen to be rented out. We will take good care of you when you come!

Jan Helling`s last book in English.

His last book was written in Swedish 2017. But he decided to translate the Christina book into English during the spring of 2018. All ten chapters of "My sister Christina" are included under the tab CHRISTINA. Even if this is a Book rather than a Short Story but you will find a link to the book about CHRISTINA under tab Short Story. Some of us, like myself, have difficulties to read a book on a computer screen. But unfortunatly no printed book in English has been published. Please, tell us if you have problems reading this book from the screen.

Sonja is writing a book about her parents love story. 

This manuscript is handed over to Anna-Lena, her son Albin and our son Tomas for review and editing. This book will be written in Swedish.

Our Family register.

We have a complete family register in our home computer. But this register is not published on internet. If you want copies you may send an e-mail to Jan Helling.

Photos from flat in Trollhättan and our country house.

To the left you find pictures from our flat in Trollhättan towards the Gota River, and an overview of the city were we live. You can find a red circle where our flat is located. Here you will find some more photos from Trollhättan where we live.

Below photos from our leisure time cabin and harbor at Nackelake in Dalsland.


Nackehultet and Nackeloftet  


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